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  • Okinawa Kokuto (Brown Sugar)


Okinawa Kokuto (Japanese Brown Sugar) - Kakugiri (square-cut)
6.3 oz
 (180 grams) - Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Kokuto Sugar - shinryo grade
Pure Japanese brown sugar from sugar cane!

Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost in Japan. It consists of hundreds of islands and is hundreds of miles (600) long. The islands are subtropical with hot summers and mild winters, and plenty of precipitation.

This climate is perfect for sugar cane and there on the islands, it is still grown and made into artisan sugar.

The sugar cane is harvested and then squeezed to extract the sugar water. It is then placed in kettles and boiled down. The mixture is raked to remove the impurities, and by the fourth kettle the sugar has become concentrated and is now more like candy.

Not solid or hard, Japanese brown sugar is soft and crumbly with a wonderful sweet taste.

It has a texture, like maple candy, with a flavor that hints of licorice, light muscovado, and a subtle hint of molasses. A complex, multi-faceted sugar. This Japanese brown sugar is not in small grains like white sugar, but is rolled out into sheets and then cut into small squares.

Okinawa Prefecture is known in Japan for having good health. And they consider their diet of seaweed, tofu, pork and the pure brown cane sugar as key ingredients to the diet and long life.

ingredients: brown sugar, sane syrup, muscovado sugar


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Tasty Okinawa Kokuto
It is very hard to find the Japanese Okinawa brown sugar in the U.S. I am so happy to learn that has it. The Okinawa brown sugar is different from the sugar purchase in the U.S. it is the pure brown cane sugar. It is a little expensive to buy the small bag of this brown sugar but it is worth it. It is very unique taste and it is very good to put in tea or cooking. I recommend it.
by I
I love this sugar. A deep rich earthy taste makes it unique. Expensive, but great in cocktails and other places where the sugar adds significantly to the flavor.
by Kate
Brings me back
The rich flavor and notes of coral soil bring me back to when when I was stationed in Okinawa; fantastic
by Richard