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  • Nouka Black Sesame Paste


Nouka Black Sesame Paste

16 oz jar - Japan

Black Sesame

I have been fascinated with sesame seeds for the last couple of years. The health benefits have been touted throughout history as a food that can cure your life's ailments. From anti-aging to healthy skin, it can remove plaque to improving digestion, create more energy and optimizes your blood pressure you can see why you might want to eat more sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest known (over 3000 years) oilseed crops. Domesticated seeds are drought tolerant and can grow where other plants cannot. Ranking 8th in the world production of edible seed oils it contains 50% oil and 25% protein.

Black Sesame Seeds are claimed to turn your hair (back to) black! Personally this is why I plan on adding the amazing little seed to my diet! (Ok so 2 years of continuous eating for a possible change might be a little too optimistic...)

I have always enjoyed the sweet paste in Sesame Balls and never knowing it was black sesame seed paste inside (I always thought it was a sweet bean) sweetened with honey or sugar.

Black sesame seeds when toasted and made into a paste have this wonderful rich, nutty taste and a smooth feel! (Be sure to mix thoroughly as the oil will separate) Add castor (superfine) sugar and mix in to make a sweet paste. The granules don’t really dissolve, instead they give little balls of texture to tickle your senses with hits of sweetness.

Or add the honey of your choice to add a new level of complexity. The flavor of your honey will come through and can really add a wonderful twist to a pastry. Make your own Sesame Balls, spread it on toast or eat it with a spoon! Black sesame paste is a food that can change your day or maybe the color of your hair…


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Black Tahini
First off, this is tahini, straight-up. I was a little thrown by the term, "paste" but this is simply black—and freaking amazing—tahini. The texture is silky and the flavor is smooth with somewhat less of the natural bitterness all tahini has. I’ve been using it drizzled on yogurt after mixing in a little sea salt and allulose, it’s like low-carb black halva sauce. Extraordinary. I plan to add this to my pantry as a staple and keep experimenting. Sesame is an unsung superfood and this is among the most palatable and easily digestible forms.
by Paul Rosenberg