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  • Morino Yochino Hon Kuzu Arrowroot Starch


Morino Yochino Hon Kuzu (Japanese Arrow-root Starch or Kudzu)

6.3 oz - Nara, Japan

Ultra-refined, pure arrowroot from Japan

Called HON'KUZU in Japan, because this pure arrowroot powder is the finest quality available. The root is harvested during the cold winter months when the nutrients and starch are most concentrated in the root. After being carefully softened by three weeks of repeated beating, the roots are processed through ten rounds of rinsing and soaking in pure spring water. This careful, lengthy procedure separates the fibrous bark and impurities from the pure snow-white starch.


The starch is then air dried for about 60 days. Seventy four pounds of fresh root is processed with great labor and care to produce 10 pounds of final starch. HON'KUZU, though unassuming and unpretentious in its final appearance, is a serious and refined artisan product with unsurpassed cooking properties.


about Kuzu:
The kuzu (Pueraia lobata) plant is a prolific, tough, fibrous vine with heart-shaped leaves. It has been used as a food in China and Japan for more than 2,000 years, and is praised as a bracing health food and ideal thickener for almost as long.


Kuzu is excellent as a thickening agent. It has superior jelling properties - perfect for thickening sauces and gravies - with no starchy taste. Use it instead of corn starch or potato starch in gravies, puddings, soups and sauces. Perfect for icings and pie fillings.


How to use Kuzu:
Use approximately 1 tablespoons of kuzu per cup of liquid for sauces and gravies, and 2 tablespoons per cup for jelling liquids. For most preparations, completely dissolve the measured amount of kuzu in a small amount of cold water. Then add the mixture to the other ingredients towards the end of cooking time. Gently bring to a simmer, stirring constantly, until the kuzu thickens and becomes translucent. Be sure to break-up the kuzu chuncks before measuring.


Pure kuzu is better for you than other thickeners; Kuzu has long been a remedie for intestinal distress. Additionally, Kuzu vines are not genetically modified, chemicals are not used to extract the pure kuzu starch, and this product is not mass-produced. Plus, the resulting flavor and texture of your dish is far supierior than with other thickeners.


About the Producer:
Morino Yoshino Kuzu Honpo Company was established in the 14th century and is still run by the founding family. The current president is the 19th generation of his family to manage the business.


The company is situated in the rural town of Udashi, in Nara Prefecture. Here they experience the coldest winter in the region and are proud of the local pure mineral-bearing natural spring water.


MorinoYoshino Kuzu Honpo Company has, since its founding, been supplying their products to the imperial palace court, venerable temples, and shoguns, feudal lords and samurai families. The company remains committed to the production of the finest quality kuzu products in Japan.

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