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  • Mieli Thun Apple Tree Honey


Miele Thun Apple Tree Honey

250g jar - Italy

Apple Tree Honey
Mieli Thun

Honey is a difficult food to describe. Similar to olive oil, to each palate, the nuances are different. We share Mieli Thun's descriptions here:

The front note in the bouquet is of apple cider, followed by grassy lymph, moss and baked pippin apples. The incredibly mild taste, which is different from the aroma, begins with floral and plant notes, followed by more well defined sensations of cardoon and boiled artichoke. Although apple trees bloom up and down the peninsula in Italy, finding an apple honey is a true rarity.

This apple tree honey works well with meats and with cooked fruit or quince mustard. Consider using for brining fowl and game. It also works in cocktails with apple brandy, fermented apple cider or apple juice.

This apple tree honey is perfect to dress a roast pork or a salad made of wild spring greens. Combine with horseradish, mild mustard, sesame seeds and a cream of hard boiled eggs, or as a sauce for asparagus.