• Leonardi Balsamic Pearls
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Leonardi Balsamic Pearls

50 gram jar - Modena, Italy 

The jewels of Modena!

Who wouldn't like pearls as a gift? Show you care with a jar of pearls! Skip the string and give a spoonful!

Perfect for topping small bites of cream cheese and crackers. Or break in the new year with a great diet of deviled eggs topped with pearls of balsamic pearls.

Filled with the passion and age of a great balsamico, these little round balls bring a contained taste. Not too much, just right. These popping little feat of modernity and tradition make for pure holiday joy!

Balsamic pearls from Leonardi 1871 in Modena, Italy. Molecular gastronomy let loose on amazing balsamic vinegar -- and the result is little spheres of balsamic who's flavor bursts in your mouth.  Perfect for a cheese platter, or atop a smoked salmon to add an exciting touch of sweetness And texture.  Or just eat them out of the jar.