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  • Lakrids B - Passion Fruit Chocolate Coated Licorice


Lakrids B - Passion Fruit Chocolate Coated Licorice

125 gram jar - Denmark

When I had my first ball of licorice, I was careful (not to say trepidacious) and took a bite. This, I can tell you, is not how to eat a lovely ball of Licorice from Lakrids! Instead, from now on, I just pop the licorice in, in its entirety! And joy assumes a place in my life! 

Open this B - Passion Fruit with passion and you instantly get a giant waft of sweet passion (fruit). 

The bright yellow-gold color is fabulous! And enticing! 

Crunch down and you get this agrodolce (sour sweet) combination that is spectacular! Passion Fruit and White Chocolate combined with the Licorice of Lakrids makes for a truly desirous candy and your fondness will grow for this letter B.


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Long Live Lakrids
I was shocked that the Queen of Licorice allowed them to make it home unopened. Once home, however, all bets were off, and, as per usual, she destroyed them in short order...
by Eric