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  • Laconiko Greek Olive Oil


Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil
500ml - 2023 Harvest
- Sparta, Greece

Sparti, Greece
Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Laconiko has a strong color of green and yellow compared to most of the year’s pressing. When sipped, it has a fruity banana start and then dissipates quickly to the back of your mouth. What starts as a subtle tickle turns into a nice burn that creates the cough.

When taken in a mouthful, swirled around before swallowing, not only is the olive present, but it feels like the leaves of the olive tree are there as well. What fun!

Many customers have been pining for a good-quality extra virgin olive oil from Greece. But, it has been surprisingly difficult to find an olive oil that has the characteristics we look for, and that’s reliable in delivery.

We are very pleased to offer Laconiko, a fourth generation family of oil producers whose orchards are on the sandy beaches of Southern Peloponnese, just outside Sparti, Greece. With their relatively small number of olive trees, surrounded by orange trees, it makes for a unique and wonderful oil.

ChefShop’s little world of family-produced, artisan foods often come from the “old” country, brought via traditional recipes often generations old, and sometimes even “transplanted”for the crop to be grown in its “new” home. In the case of Laconiko, the children reside here in the US, but return every year to work with their father to harvest their Koroneiko olives and press it into award winning olive oil.

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