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La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic Tradizionale Vecchio
100 ml
- Modena, Italy

La Vecchia Dispensa's "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena Vecchio" balsamic vinegar is obtained from the slow fermentation and subsequent acidification to vinegar of the must of modena trebbiano grapes cooked over direct heat, without the addition of any other substances, left to age in a series of casks of choice woods (oak, mulberry, juniper and chestnut) of different capacities, until it develops the flavor characteristics of traditional balsamico that is at least 12 years. This is determined through blind tasting by the consortium tasting panel. Achieving the proper score it receives the "white cap" and is labeled "vecchio" (old).

It has a backward nose that only reveals a whiff of acid and just a hint of caramelized sugar, no hint of the joys to come. The flavor opens with fruity notes and hints of wood before blossoming into a very complex fruit filled mid palate with a cascade of black cherry and plum notes. It moves quickly to a nice dry finish with a pleasant amount of back-of-the-palate acid. Unlike most Modena tradizionales that lean slightly to the "sweet," the acid we found in this exceptional "sipper" makes it more balanced, and one that would go well with duck, venison, and game birds.

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Serving Suggestions:

Experience over the centuries has shown that balsamic vinegar should always be the last ingredient added to any dish, except when used to dress salads. Balsamic aged 20 years or more becomes denser, their fragrance and flavor are enriched, and it can be appreciated to the full on flakes of Parmesan cheese, on strawberries or on ice cream, or sipped at the end of a meal.

This is an DOP Balsamic of Modena.

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