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La Trinquelinette Blueberry Jam

370 gram jar - France

More than Just Blueberry Jam
from La Trinquelinette

To the eye, the lid as you flip it over, has a wonderful blueberry burgundy color. It is more berry than scarlet. 

Inside the jar, at the top, you see a glossy wash of jam with the bumps of little blueberries resting on top - like little heads floating in a calm sea. 

The first spoonful is filled with the same, jam and berries swimming nicely together, visually appealing, a happy family. 

The first bite presents a conundrum. Do you sweep it all at once like you would any spoonful? Or do you delicately use your top front teeth to draw it into your mouth cavity? I chose to use my upper lip to softly and carefully draw in the jam, the blueberry mix. And with my tongue I licked the bottom of the spoon, the backside, to clean every last morsel. 

And what a taste it is! It is sweet, sugary, blueberry for sure, along with the delicious little globular shaped morsels for which are the wild blueberries. 

This is a jam with texture, with bite, with fun. Absolutely it is spoon ready, meaning you could eat the whole jar with just a spoon. 

To spread on toast, that would be the opening moment to a perfect morning bite. 

I am sure it would also easily lend itself to a delicate French croissant or accompanying a soft cheese. 

As I have my fifth soup spoonful, I can think of a million excuses to have this jam in my life. 

Sweet, with a wonderful texture, and blueberry flavor, if you love blueberries and like a little bite to your jam, this is another perfect La Trinquelinette jam to have on hand.


ingredients: blueberries (55%), brown sugar, pectin