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  • La Trinquelinette Apricot Rhubarb Jam


La Trinquelinette Apricot Rhubarb Jam

370 gram jar - France

ingredients: Apricot, Rhubarb, Brown Sugar, Pectin

I have really been enjoying making bacon and eggs with toast for the past couple of months. Nothing like comfort food in the morning these days.

The making of each element of the plate is simple, yet a challenge to make it just right. The best thing is that each part can be made differently every morning, in effect making a different experience with each bite!

The bacon can be soft and gentle or burned and crispy. The eggs can be right-side up, upside down, over easy, over hard or scrambled. And the toast can be lightly toasted, or crispy toasted and somewhere in between … buttered or not. In the end it is the toast and the jam you put on the bread is what ties the whole morning together.

Toast can be hot, warm or cold, for me it is the jam on top. I have narrowed my selection down to fewer than 30 now, I am proud to say, and I have a new rule; only one jar open at a time… well maybe no more than three.

Today, I opened this Apricot Rhubarb jam and this is what I found inside.

From the outside can you see color, a bit of rhubarb-green and little bits of apricot streaks.

Open it up and it’s not a smooth surface on top, instead it is glossy with bits and pieces sticking up. The spoon enters easily without any resistance.

To the nose you don’t get much smell. To the mouth it’s smooth. Even though everything looks like it might be a speed-bump it is in fact a gently smooth and the lumps disappears with just a whisper.

The flavor is apricot and rhubarb together in glorious harmony. It is quite delicious and definitely sweet.

Spoonful after spoonful is a reward. Not just for toast, this jam goes well with pastries of all kinds and in the other things you make. If you like sweet mixes be sure to keep the lid nearby or you might end up spooning and eating half the jar before you know it, like I did.