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  • L Ancienne Drinking Chocolate


L'Anncienne Drinking Chococlate

1 kilo/2.2 pounds - France

This remarkable hot chocolate has been served in top French hotels including, Le Bristol Paris, and others that go unnamed. Only the finest cocoa beans have been selected to produce this traditional powdered chocolate.

The richness of the chocolate flavor yields undertones of fruitiness that blend with the natural vanilla for a subtle and smooth finish. The careful roasting of the beans selected from renowned provenances brings out the excellence of the aroma.

It is made solely with cocoa, refined cane sugar and natural Bourbon vanilla - it contains no dairy additives and is not Dutch processed. It is recommended to prepare it by just adding hot milk, but it is suitable for soy milk or water.

Flavor Notes: This is an all-around excellent hot chocolate. It is not our darkest hot chocolate - try the Swiss Grand Cru Dark for a darker, more chocolatey choice.

Splendid to sip . . .. truly a chocolate lover's delight!

Ingredients: Raw brown cane sugar, cocoa 35% minimum, natural vanilla.