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  • Kozliks Carolina BBQ Sauce


Kozlik's Carolina Barbecue Sauce - 300 ml bottle - Canada

Carolina BBQ Sauce

The first bite is mustard, the second is the molasses combining with the vinegar to give it a unique twist finishing with more mustard and a little pops of seed. This is the one I was most apprehensive about, yet I think now it is my favorite of the 3. If you asked me why I don’t think I could give you an answer. It’s just the most mustad’ee in your mouth first.

This mustard-based BBQ sauce is wonderful turmeric filled sweet vinegar surrounded by mustard and filled with little seeds. Like a sauce of creamy mustard all twisted around like a swirl of savory cake frosting.

Mustard, molasses, apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar, distilled white vinegar, mustard seed, golden yellow sugar, salt, garlis puree, turmuric, onion powder, garlic powder