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  • Kasama Chocolate Earl Gray Tea 57-Percent Milk Bar


Kasama Chocolate Earl Gray Tea 57% Milk Bar

55 gram bar - Vancouver, BC, Canada

A dark milk chocolate made with Trinitario cacao beans from Davao in the southern philippines.  The beans are stone ground with Sri Lankan Earl Gray tea from Granville Island Tea Company in Vancouver, Canada

Ella's tasting notes: Open this bar and immediately you get the aroma of Earl Gray tea. The chocolate melts rapidly, releasing the intense flavor of bergamot-scented tea. The Davao chocolate adds a sweetness and rich dark sugar back-drop.  The addition of milk to this bar creates a sense that you are drinking a cup of sweetened, rich Earl Gray tea - no boiling water necessary.

ingredients: Cacao beans*, unrefined cane sugar*, cacao butter*, whole milk powder, earl gray tea