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  • Kenchanzuke Pickled Shiso and Umeboshi Furikake


Kenchanzuke Pickled Shiso and Umeboshi Furikake

15 gram packet - Japan

ingredients: Ume plum, perilla (shiso), salt

This blend is a classic Furikake, using locally sourced plums, shiso, and salt.

Pickled Shiso, a Japanese herb belonging to the mint family, has a distinctive flavor resembling a combination of mint, basil, and citrus. The leaves of the shiso plant are often pickled with salt and sometimes other ingredients, creating a flavorful condiment.

Pickled shiso leaves are commonly used as a side dish or a topping for rice, sushi, and other Japanese dishes.

Umeboshi are pickled Japanese plums, also known as sour plums. They are made by pickling ume fruits in salt and then drying them in the sun. Umeboshi is known for its strong sour and salty flavor.

Just like many very high-quality Furikake blends, it is the simple ingredients that are sourced and made using the very best processes that create a flavor punch that is versatile.

Use this like you would a steak salt, but instead, sprinkle it over vegetables and simple meals of udon or rice.


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