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  • Golden Milk Turmeric Masala Jaipur Avenue Barista


Jaipur Avenue Turmeric Masala Golden Latte Mix without Milk - Bulk Barista Pack

360 grams (25 servings) - Mumbai, India

It might most often exist for drinking, but we think Golden Milk is the secret ingredient to add to cakes, muffins, pancakes, just about anything, really, especially hot chocolate.

Often known as "Golden Chai" or "Golden Tea" - this is Jaipur Avenue's version and it's DELISH!

Usually taken before bed, this Turmeric Latte mix has no black tea extract -- which means no caffeine. And no dairy, either!

A luscious combination of turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cassia cinnamon and cardamom - and made with pure Indian jaggery (sugar) - it's ready to mix with the milk or cream of your choice.

Original Masala Chai is a classic -- and this Turmeric Masala Chai is a perfect balance between the warming cinnamon and cardamom spices, and the sweet flavors of your "milky" choice.

It's a soothing "night night" routine that will become truly addictive - and better than a traditional dessert - or at least we think so!

My favorite way to use this Golden treat is to add a spoonful to my hot chocolate - creating a sweet and spicy drink - perfection!

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Ingredients: Jaggery, turmeric, cardamom, cassia, ginger, black pepper.