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  • Jaipur Avenue Saffron Chai Tea Mix - 50 pack


Jaipur Avenue Saffron Chai Tea Mix

50 pack - Mumbai, India

All Natural, just add hot water.

Since ancient times, chai has been a daily tradition shared with friends and family all over India multiple times a day. Chai is traditionally a freshly brewed black tea with added milk, spices and sugar. With Jaipur Chai you can make the perfect chai elixure by just adding hot water.  Each packet has just the right amount of tea, real milk powder, sugar and spices to create an authentic chai beverage instantly. It's the perfect, soothing combination, which not only gives us a little pick up, but settles your spirit and calm your nerves.

Saffron has an aroma and flavor all it's own.  Made with natural saffron, the sensual and unique aroma cannot be faked.  If you love saffron, you will love this chai.

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Contains Milk
Ingredients: Partially Skimmed Dry Milk, Cain Sugar, Black Tea Extract, ground spices.