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  • Heritage Shortbread - Medium Box


Heritage Shortbread Cookies

18 pieces (approx 9 oz) - South Carolina, USA 

This buttery, crisp - but slightly moist - shortbread is handmade by Willow McCrain in South Carolina's Lowcountry region. It's baked to a golden brown and its texture and flavor border on the sublime. Willow uses only the best ingredients -- and you can tell. We like our shortbread to be crisp when you bite into them, but not hard. And these shortbreads do not disappoint! 

Willow uses an old family recipes -- passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Although the recipe is not complicated and has just a few pure ingredients, the key secret to the consistent and delicious outcome is clearly the love and caring that Willow puts into every batch. 

Traditional shortbread lovers will be thrilled. Shortbread has often been considered the traditional hostess gift, in our modern life, this is still a wonderful thank you gift and a treat to yourself! 

serving suggestions:
These Shortbread Fingers are equally delicious with a strong cup of tea or a mug of good coffee, and they're definitely company-worthy!

about the producer:

We met Willow in New York one July many moons ago. One of the highlights of our visit -- not only because her shortbread was exceptional (and we tasted a lot of shortbread that day!), but because we got to talk to Willow, the creater of this product, directly. And she was clearly, and justifyably, proud of what she produces.

If you like to give buttery shortbread as a gifts for the holidays -- buy these this year. You will not be dissappointed! Heritage Shortbread will put Walkers Shortbread to shame - every time!


Enriched flour, butter (milk), sugar, salt.

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(based on 4 reviews)
A wonderful treat. Very freh and buttery.
by Ann
Very fresh and unique texture.
by MM
Truly the best!
This shortbread really is the best I've ever tasted. The texture is the perfect combination of crisp with a touch of chewiness and the flavor is fabulous. You can tell this shortbread is made with ingredients of the highest quality. If Walkers is a step up from Lorna Doone, Willow McCrain shortbread is a mile higher on up the ladder.
by Donna
I've always eaten mass produced shortbread. This product is so far beyond in taste and freshness. I enjoyed them so much I've ordered more!
by Patti B