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  • Heritage Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread - 18 piece


Heritage Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread - 18 piece box - South Carolina  

Shortbread of South Carolina
A higher ratio of fat to gluten = short

Think sugar, butter, flour, pinch of salt combined.

Biscuit bread in Mediaeval times in Scotland started with leftover bread dough, baked in a low temperature oven until it dried out into a rusk. Biscuit = rusk = twice baked.

Leftovers of dough made way to the first published recipe for short-bread (in the 1700’s?) yeast was replaced with butter into the “same” shortbread recipe we eat today.

The word “same” is used loosely. Though, the recipe is “easy” on paper, great results are not. Heritage Shortbread is an excellent representation of what you want in a “short” bread.

It's crispy, crumbly, and tasty, every time you bite into each biscuit in this shortbread gift box. Not too hard and with just the right feel, they are the best short-bread we have had in a long, long time! It is much more difficult to find a shortbread that makes people say, "That's good!" than you might think. So far in both the store and in the warehouse, everyone has said, "That's great!" after having this Heritage chocolate-dipped shortbread. 

It doesn't get much better than that! A shortbread gift box is a classic holiday hostess gift in the Scottish/English speaking world.

Enriched wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, salt, chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla)