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  • Haranea Organic Espelette Pepper


Haranea Organic French Espelette Pepper - 50g jar 

Hotter than Hungarian paprika (but not so hot as cayenne,) with a hint of smokiness (but less than Pimenton de la Vera), this distinctive Basque pepper is one of the most useful and tasty spices to keep on your shelves! In Basque country where it's from, French Espelette pepper is commonly chosen over black pepper, but the pepper is also popular with chefs all over France.

This DO espelette pepper is organic. This Basque pepper is known as being very fragile and can only grow properly under this very specific micro-climate of Southwestern France, North of the Basque area. Only a specific quantity is produced every year in accordance with knowledge passed down through generations: it is very carefully cultivated and then harvested. Espelette is hard to fine. One that is certified organic is even harder.