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  • Firefly Kitchens Kimchi Flavored Sea Salt


Firefly Kitchens Kimchi Flavored Sea Salt

4 oz jar - Seattle

Kimchi Kraut Salt

I love the bite of this salt! It has a kick and a poke that is reminiscent of kimchi, at the same time it has its own tones. To the nose it has a tingly twitch of pepper, garlic hit and more stuff.

To the taste it is a blend of salt and garlic and cabbage. It is hard to identify all the notes of flavor, but the taste is good.

When in use like the other 2, the kimchi kraut salt plays well with others. Like the Cortido, it will flavor a bowl of popcorn and it will clearly top a steak in a very grilled kind of way. Add to soups and chili, it creates a twist that is easy to apply!