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  • Firefly Kitchens Emerald City Flavored Sea Salt


Firefly Kitchens Emerald City Flavored Sea Salt

4 oz jar - Seattle

Emerald City Kraut Salt

Even though your taste sensors on your tongue tell you your tasting salt your olfactory sensors give you a split second of a dilly of a wave of flavor. Take the kraut “sauce”, the leftovers from making one of the great “local” sauerkrauts in the country and make a salt that has a salty base with overtones of kale, coriander, dill, and turmeric.

The perfect topping for oven blasted vegetables, think fresh or crunchy, it is a salt that likes to be green!

Do you remember making Liptons onion soup dip with sour cream for your bag of Ruffles with ridges potato chips? This would be better, adding a unique twist and even healthy probiotics. (Well, at least you can justify eating spoonfuls of sour cream on a fried potato covered in salt with more salt :))