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  • Domaine de Bequignol Chocolate Covered Walnuts


Domaine de Bequignol Chocolate Covered Walnuts

80g box - France


Tired of extra sweet milk "chocolate" covered anything? These chocolate cocoa powdered walnuts will restore your faith in artisan treats! The crunch is good, the taste is great and the combination is fabulous! These chocolate-coated walnuts are a specialty of France.  


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To die for!
I have an irresistibility index I apply to chocolate. How long does it take to stop eating without painful self denial? For all of ChefShop’s remarkable collection of dark chocolates, for the Pralus bars, the Margaux cherries, the Arriba couverture, the Slitti bars, the Quadrotta, the Cleopatra pearls, the irrestibility index is way above average. But for the chocolate covered walnuts, it is off the charts. To stop, lock yourself in another room.
by Victor
What a special treat!
I love chocolate and I love walnuts, especially when toasted so I thought I'd give these a try - so glad I did. They arrived a little melty (hot in Texas), but I put them in the frig and later in the day I sampled one of the best nut confections ever. The chocolate is not too sweet and with the crunchy walnuts, this is a perfect after dinner bite.
by Kim