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These pickles are amazing!
Got a jar from Bespoke Post and then went searching for them. They are just.. so good. I don't know how else to describe them! I had to stop myself from literally eating the entire jar in one go. I have now ordered 2 more jars, 1 to serve for Christmas so my family can taste it and 1 just for moi! I also ordered the Gin ones so I will get back to you on that. The taste is just right that spicy kick and the crunch you love. Get some plain saltines bust them up on there and you are good to go!
by Angela G
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Distillery Provisions Whiskey Barrel Pickles

15 oz jar - Seattle, WA
If you are shipping outside of the Pacific Northwest, you MUST ship pickles via 2-day air during the winter time.  No exceptions.
If ordering other products that you would wish to be shipped ground, please place separate orders.
Distillery Provisions
Whiskey Pickles est. 2015

The other day, our neighbor walked over and presented Eliza with a couple of jars of unmarked pickles.

The samples came home and we opened them up for a taste. Just the snap of opening the jar told us that they were going to be really good. The first bite gave us that wonderful pop that a great pickle has.

Each, and there were two, had a wonderful flavor; distinct from each other but not clearly identifiable from the barrels that they came from.

For sure the devil's cut pulled from the gin and whiskey oak barrels while curing influences the flavor of these wonderful pickles.

Perhaps more predominant and less subtle is the "teabags" used to flavor the alcohol or more correctly so, the handful of spices from the teabags in each jar that gives each of these pickles their distinct flavor.

Though the acid from the vinegar brine is present, unlike many pickles it's not the only flavoring that you'll taste. Personality abounds within the crunch. That's why we love these pickles.

This was many months ago when they teased us, and just today they released the pickles! Labeled and ready to go.

This is the worldwide launch of the pickles who's roots are in the barrels of oak whiskey and gin making from Batch 206 Distillery

About the Whiskey Barrel Pickles
Freshly dumped 53-gallon whiskey barrels are filled with a propietary blend of brine, white vinegar and spices.  After aging, the solution is combined with fresh cucumbers in a small batch canning run.

Cucmbers, Brine (White Vinegar, water) Salt, Fresh Dill, Garlic, Old Log Cabin Whiskey (less than .5 ABV), Propietary Spice Blend, Sugar

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