Hard Boiling Eggs

Do you know why you should store the pointy end down?

Without giving the details of the hen laying process, suffice it to say there is an air sac on the blunt (or round) end so the incubating chick can breathe once its lungs develop. There is also a natural coating on the outside of the egg that helps keep additional air and bacteria from entering the egg. The egg white is the “defender” of the yolk, its job is to keep natural bacteria away from the yolk.

If the air sac is at the round end of the egg (as opposed to the pointy end) then physics comes into play and, if you store the egg round end down, the air will naturally start to rise, bringing with it any bacteria that naturally want to get to the yolk. And that’s the crib notes on why you should store your eggs pointy side down.

And why you poke a hole in the round end of the egg to make hardboiled eggs.
1) Poke a hole with a pin or thumbtack in the round end of the egg - where the air sac is. This releases pressure on the eggshell so it won’t crack when you cook it.

2) Add 6 eggs (pre-poked) to 6 cups boiling water. When the water comes back up to boil, reduce heat to a gentle boil. Do not boil vigorously or the egg whites will become tough and rubbery - not to mention they will more likely hit up against eachother while cooking and crack.

3) After 11 minutes, pour off the water and roll the eggs around gently to start cracking the shells.

4) Add cold water and ice to the pan to completely cover the eggs. Let sit at least 15 minutes to cool and allow the sulfur smell to dissipate.

5) Peel the eggs under running water and peel away the thin membrane under the shell. 
 Or - option 2
Or ... you can cover eggs with warm water and bring them to a boil. Remove from the heat once the pot boils. Let the eggs rest 12 minutes in the hot water. Drain the eggs and cool in cold water. Then crack & peel.

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