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Delizias Semi-Sundried Sardinian Tomatoes

280 gram jar - Sardinia, Italy

Delizias Semi Sundried
Sardinian Tomatoes

I had my doubts when I saw this plain jar before me. We see a lot of sun-dried tomatoes here and you know they're all quite good, mostly because sun-dried tomatoes make you happy.

Really good sun-dried tomatoes are really, really good and they are the difference between WoW and just ok. To the nose they smell good, they smell like tomatoes.

Shocking, actually, because I have had sun-dried tomatoes that don't smell like anything at all, or all you smell is bad oil.

To the eye these sun-dried tomatoes don't look big, and are a dark red.

These Sardinian Plum tomatoes are cut in half and vary in size.

You can expect variations of flavors and different textures when it comes to sun-dried. In this case these tomatoes are special. They have flavor beyond tomato, and they have a flavoring that is interesting and super tasty.

With an ingredient list of tomatoes, sunflower oil, vinegar and pepper it sure seems pretty simple, but when all blended together it makes this amazing taste. It is hard to imagine how good these can be. They are delicious.

It's kind of weird but you could just be eating these sun-dried tomatoes right out of the jar and feel good about life.

And that's what I'm doing right now. With every bite you feel like you're having a little bite of summer.

Sun-dried tomatoes can go in lots of different dishes. Sometimes they can be the hero and sometimes they can be the supporting cast. These sun dried tomatoes from Sardinia can do it all. Even though they may never make it as far as your pantry cupboard, these are essential to always have on hand.

ingredients: tomatoes, sunflower oil, vinegar, peppers, bay leaf