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Delizias Artichoke Cream

190 gram jar - Sardinia, Italy

This simple jar might not attract you at first with a simple hang tag that says Crema di Carciofi.

The color is off white, a creamy color.

To the nose it is definitely artichoke. With barely a hint of oil and nothing else.

At first it looks completely smooth, but once you mix it up inside the jar you see that it's not 100% smooth but in fact has a little texture.

A spoonful will fill your mouth with the flavor of artichoke.

It could simply be used on any cracker available and you would be happy. On a small crispy piece of toast it would be good too. It's like this easy way of getting artichoke into your life

I'm sure there are many classic ways to use artichoke cream, so far for me a spoon has been sufficient. This artichoke cream is delicious.

ingredients: artichokes, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt