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French Chocolate Sticks (3.5 pounds)

Love at First Bite

Chocolate Batons

It was love at first bite. Back in November we read the story of lost love of two old friends who revived their friendship, his for chocolate covered cherries and her, for the missing childhood memory of the American delicacy, peanut butter. 

Though only a short visit was planned, it was long enough for her to share her love and the reason why she remained in Paris

And though he understood after tasting, why she loves so much, he chose a different path for his love of chocolate. 

So many years ago it would've been a reason for them not to even have breakfast together but now that they were older.  The differences were not enough to keep them apart. 

The pain was enough for him to want to stay and eat "French bread" for the rest of his life, and he was willing to accept her choice: the croissant, sans chocolat. 

With such simple ingredients it is amazing that from one Baker's hands compared to another, the results can be so astronomically different. And one can argue that it is purely the butter (84% butterfat) that makes the difference. Ingredients make a difference and better is always better.

This is clearly not the case when it comes to a flaky pastry. In a skilled artists hands the ingredients, including the butter and chocolate batons, meld together creating a creation like no other: perfect chocolate sticks for croissants.  

Ever wonder how Pain au Chocolat has those chocolate sticks for croissants in perfect rows?  It could be these French chocolate sticks!  They are the perfect addition to any pastry, they stir a cup-o-joe nicely and just plain eaten-out-of-hand is perfect too. Even if Paris is not on your docket today, you can have love-at-first-bite at home.

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Excellent chocolate batons!
These are excellent batons for the price and ChefShop is great to deal with!!! I previously was purchasing the Noel brand on Amazon for round $40 for the same exact size! I will continue ordering from them as long as the price stays reasonable :)
by Chris