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  • Casteleijn Syrup Waffle Cookies (Stroopwafels)


Casteleijn Syrup Waffle Cookies (Stroopwafels)

250 g bag (8 waffles) - Holland

Not all Stroopwafels are the same.

Grandfather D. Casteleijn built a bakery and new home in Bergambacht in 1888. At that time, D Casteleijn went from door to door through the neighborhoods, asking if people if they would buy his product - including his now famous Caramel Waffle Cookies. It was the start of what eventually became a blossoming pastry business. 

In 1935, the company was passed from father to son, and G. Casteleijn took over the family business. G Casteleijn expanded the business by acquiring several small bakeries in the area. Then, in 1968, the baton was passed again, this time to his two sons D. and H.D. Casteleijn, and their sister J.L.H. Casteleijn. 

Because of continued grown and expansion, Casteleijn bakery built a centralized production site in the Stormpolder at Krimpen a/d IJssel in 1970. Then again in 1991, H.D. Casteleijn built a new factory facility in Bergambacht, and Casteleijn Patisserie Specialiteiten was born. 

To this day, the factory is still under leadership of H.D. Casteleijn, with assistance from his sister J.L.H. Casteleijn. The factory specializes in pastries and caramel waffles. The caramel waffles and cookies are sold not only in the Netherlands, but also across Europe and other parts of the world - including to

Casteleijn uses only the highest quality ingredients to make their famous Caramel Waffle Cookies, including free range eggs. Although a full-fledged industrial production facility, since establishment in 1888, their products have always been based on authentic, traditional recipes. 

Their production methods are state of the art, but their sensibilities and adherence to traditional are old-fashioned, and just like they have been since 1888.


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Most Excellent!
A friend took a river cruise in Europe several years ago, and brought me a package of Stroopwaffels. Itr I was about to try to was the first time I'd ever tried one, and I loved them. I was about to try to order some from a bakery i the Netherlands when I came across them here. They taste just the same, rich and full-flavored yet delicate. Thank you so much for carrying these - I will have to order more soon!
by Michelle Hutchinson