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  • Castelas Olive Oil (Green Label) A.O.C.


Castelas Olive Oil (Green Label) A.O.C.
500 ml
- Provence, France

2019 Harvest

About Castelas:

Castelas, Provencal for "old castle", is also the namme of the olive groves in the Callee des Baux de Provence where Castelas olives are grown and pressed. Castelas' a 111 acre olive grove is located in the Vallee des Baux de Provence Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC) area. It's in this magical place - hundred-year-old olive groves, the Chateau des Baux, among the great landscape of the Alpilles hill range -- that Catherine and Jean-Benoit Hugues built their mill.

They grow several olive varieties typical of their terroir - Aglandau, Grossane, Salonenque and Verdale - and cultivate them according to each tree's needs, the soil, and the rhythm of the seasons. Every tree receives careful attention throughout the vegetative cycle. Additionally, the oil is extracted within 12 hours of harvesting, producing an olive oil of impeccable freshness, expressing the green and fruity character of this exceptional terroir. In fact, Castelas has been awarded the gold medals at the Concours General Afticole in Paris for the past eight years (2002-2009)

Tasting Notes:

Distinct aromas of super-fresh cut grass, raw artichokes, with a peppery edge.

For more information about olive oil and how to make sure you are buying a good one, ready our article, "The Inconvenient Truth About Extra Virgin Olive Oil" here.

Note about harvest dates: In the nothern hemisphere, olives are harvest and pressed between October and December.  Which means the current harvest is actually last year. So, for example, if we are in 2017, the current harvest year is 2016.

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