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Caramels Charentes Butter - Assorted Flavors

150 grams
- France

Paris Caramels are some of the best that we've ever tasted, and these have become a favorite here at

Paris Caramels uses only the highest quality ingredients for their caramels, and they are always in search of new flavors. With these caramels it's butter from Charentes-Poitou, a region famed for its dairy products.

Almond, vanilla, chocolate and coffee are the four flavors included in this package, and it's up to you to figure out which of the four is the best of these deliciously simple confections.


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Smooth, buttery caramels
These caramels are delicious - very smooth, rich, and buttery. They come in four flavors, of which I prefer the nut, coffee, and the vanilla. Each is an indulgence!
by Alice Schwartz
Buttery and yummy!
These are so buttery, soft, and delicious. So glad that I decided to try them.
by Jan