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  • California Buckeye Honey


California Buckeye Honey
9 oz jar - 

Not so interesting by name, the taste is shockingly, well, tasty! California Buckeye is also known as the Horse-Chestnut tree. So it's not surprising that the honey has a similar dark, molasses-y flavor and texture as the European Chestnut honeys. The beautiful white clustered spires of the buckeye blooms come early in the spring. And although plentiful in the Sierra foothills and Coastal range foothills, the conditions must be just right, and the beekeeper must put his bees in just the right place, to produce this fabulous true mono-floral honey. 

This honey is very unexpected and, once gone, we don’t expect to see it again. It's a wild story about how it happened to be produced. A quick internet search will tell you that Buckeye nectar and pollen is toxic to bees. But the honey is perfectly safe for human consumption! Most beekeepers know to keep their bees away from Buckeye heavy areas to avoid loss of bees, and this beekeeper certainly lost a lot of bees. Since this was a newbee mistake, what they got is what they got. A rare find!

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