Broiled Chicken Easy Recipe


Pieces of chicken


Sea Salt

Tellicherry peppercorns - good peppercorns matter 


Garlic powder

Fennel Pollen 


Broiled Chicken Easy Recipe

This is what I made in college. I didn't have a clue on how to cook chicken. My goal was taste good and make it quick.

A broiling pan or any pan will work. Keep the pieces apart for even cooking. Turn the broiler on and ...

1. Brush melted butter or oil on all surfaces of the chicken

2. Salt and pepper liberally

3. Do the same with powdered garlic or fennel pollen

4. Place under the broiler, skin side down for 5 to 8 minutes

5. Flip the chicken and broil unti the meat reaches temp 165F 

6. Transfer chicken onto a pile of rice to capture all the chicken juice. Spoon some butter onto the rice as well. 

Pile frozen corn onto the plate and enjoy!