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BomBom Gochujang Korean Chilli Paste (Bibimbap Sauce)

220 gram jar - Korea

Right away, to the, nose you can smell the peppers. You also catch a sweetness in the vapor.

As you bring the jar close to your nose it doesn’t take more than just breathing for you to feel the peppery peppers tingle your inner nose!

It looks glossy and almost liquidly but, when you dip your spoon in, it’s much firmer and more jelly like than you would think. Keep in mind this is not a big spoonful, it is more of a dip-your-toe-in kind of approach. You know it’s going to be spicy.

After shaking off much of what the dipped spoon had on it, I gingerly stuck my tongue out to the bottom of the spoon to taste. Initially it’s warm and fuzzy almost chocolatey and not too hot … moments later the heat will kick in, it is quite pleasant but definitely has some heat.

Unlike many sauces that are full of heat, like a chili sauce, this is much more well rounded. A perfect marriage of heat and flavor enhancing punch.

You can imagine immediately adding this sauce to add sparkle to any dish.

It’s this richness of flavor that you get initially that is really wonderful. The tingle it gives to your mouth and the heat it gives to the back your throat is a pleasant spicy. It is really enjoyable.

If you’re not a hot person of any kind, this probably is not for you. If you’re a mild to medium or even a hot lover this is a pretty special sauce.

Use it like ketchup or use it in a sauce like a chili a dish. Add to a hot pot or a potato dish. It will add some super flavor, enhancing and opening up the dish. Think sandwich!

It’s bright and I think once you taste it, you will be intrigued on how to use it next.

It is now one of my favorites condiments / ingredients going forward!


ingredients: red pepper powder, glutinous rice, soybean powder, soy sauce, sea salt, sesame paste, grain syrup, sugar, anchovy powder, dried kelp, black pepper, onion, apple, water, ginger, garlic

may contain wheat.