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  • Biscuiterie de Provence Almond and Hazelnut Cake with Figs and Raisins- Flourless


Biscuiterie de Provence Almond & Hazelnut Cake with Figs and Raisins - Flourless (Gluten Free)

240 gr/8.47 oz.
- France

This cake has arrived to join our selection of other cakes-in-a-tin. At first, I thought: too much stuff in the cake. Instead, when I tried it, I was rewarded with a wonderful moist mouthful, with just the perfect amount of figs, grapes (raisins) and hazelnuts to complement the almonds!

The best thing about these cakes is that they are super-simple, with beautifully balanced flavor, and can be enjoyed as is, right out of the box, or garnished with whipped cream, crème fraiche, or a frosting of your choice. 

Not only all of that, it looks good too! 

I ate the whole thing! Not in one sitting of course, maybe in one day ..... 

Ingredients: Free-range eggs, Almonds (26%), sugar, figs (14%), butter (AOC from Charente/Poitou), grapes (8%), hazelnuts, PGI Provence honey, pure vanilla extract.