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Big Island Bees Wilelaiki Honey with Hawaiian Chili Peppers

9 oz jar - Big Island, Hawaii

Hot honey

This honey is hot! How cool is that!

It’s sweet of course, it’s honey after all, yet even if you dip your finger in avoiding all the little red spots of chili pepper your tongue is still treated to some tingly heat!

And I mean heat.

It lingers longer and sparkles on your lips and the tip of your tongue. And the back of your throat will get some burn too. The honey itself takes on a coffee cocoa thing, rich and dark, making this cool flavor really well rounded. I don’t know if the honey actually is this flavor now or if the pepper changes how your taste buds taste.

If your tolerances for all things hot is low you still might be able to dip in it. The honey is magical in how it keeps things moving all the while delivering hot chili flavors well defined without the explosion.

For hot people you just will love the well rounded flavor, exemplifying these special chili peppers from Hawaii combined with Wilelaiki honey. The honey brings and delivers the heat in a really descriptive and flavorful way.

Even if hot is not your thing this honey is so perfect for a glaze or a marinade. Add it to baked beans or surprise your pals with a spicy hot honey vinaigrette! Or spread it on toast for a morning pick-me-up.

This honey is worth having! Sweet heat is always something you want in your life, and here it is!

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