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Beaufort Cheese - Alpine Summer

10 pounds - Beaufort, France

Due to transportation strikes in France in October, our wheel "missed the boat."  Now recieving it end of May, 2023
If ordering other items,
 please place a separate orders or your entire order may be delayed or you will be pre-charged for the cheese.
If ordering other items, please place a separate order or your entire order may be delayed

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This is a rare wheel - Apline (d'Alpage) Beaufort is rarely available and must usually be reserved at least a year in advance.  And they are rarely this age (18 months). So order soon.

This particulare Beaufort is known as Beaufort d'Alpage (alpine) because the cows roam so high into the mountains to forage during the summer months, that instead of carrying the milk down the mountain to make the cheese, they make the wheel in Alpine cellars in the mountains, and then carry the wheels down the mountain at the end of the summer to complete their aging process.


Sizing and Additional Pricing Information
Each piece of cheese weighs approximately 10 lbs, but sizes may vary. We may adjust your price based on the actual size of your piece.

Order Cancellation Policy:
This is a fresh item that we have to special-order in advance. Therefore, we will charge a 22% restocking fee on any order canceled.

Shipping Details:
Shipping is included in the price. If you order other items at the same time, we may ship those separately via your preferred shipping method at our regular shipping charge.


Beaufort will last for 3-4 weeks when properly stored. Additionally, the larger the piece of cheese, the lower the cost per pound, and the longer it should last!

Keep cheese tightly wrapped in a zip-close plastic bag with all the air squeezed out.

Only grate or slice the cheese as you use it. Re-wrap remaining cheese tightly with wax paper, and return it to the zip-close bag. Then store the cheese in the warmest part of the refrigerator.

To further extend the life of your cheese, you can freeze it. Cut the cheese into smaller pieces (1/2 pound chunks is ideal), then tightly wrape in palstic wrap and place in a freezer zip lock. If frozen, your Beaufort cheese should last up to 8 months in the freezer.

Like all cheeses, as soon as it is cut, Beaufort begins to lose some of its flavor and dry out. (That's why you should always cut it yourself, rather than buying pre-cut.) Unlike some retailers who cut entire wheels up all at once and put them on display for weeks at a time, we cut the cheese the day before it is shipped to you!