• Basic How to Make Shio Koji

Basic How to Make Shio Koji

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Basic How to Make Shio Koji


Shio Koji - Koji marinade is a great way to have koji at the ready to use on proteins and vegetables. Make the "paste", store in your refrigerator in a sealed glass container and you are always ready!

Make this and be ready for anything. All you need is the right size container and you are ready to go. Measure, add, stir and cover. Wait 6 days. 

You need a bowl or better yet, a glass container with a sealable container. Hot water. Space on counter somewhere.

1 20 oz Cold Mountain Koji container

3 1/3 cups hot water at 140ºF - 800 ml

150 grams of sea salt - 10 tablespoons salt


#1: Empty the Cold Mountain package into your container of at least 8 cups.

#2: Add salt and mix together

#3: Pour the hot water over the koji and salt and stir thoroughly. Make sure it is all covered with water and top is flat.

#4: Cover - loosely, during fermentation carbon dioxide (CO2) gas will be produced, thus the need for a loose lid.

#5: Stir once a day for at least 7 days and up to 10 days in a stable room temperature.

#6: This Shio Koji is ready when there is a slight change in thickness when you stir and there should be a change in the aroma.