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Hawkshead Relish Smoky Mustard Sauce

290 gram jar - Lake District, England

The bottle is a wonderful mustard color. As pure as the ground seed it was made from …

When you twist the cap you will get a nice metal pop! (at least for me)

To the nose it is mustardy whiff with a mix of sweet and a bunch of familiar smells that I couldn’t quite put my nose on.

Dip your fork in, the bottles neck is to small for a spoon, and the first taste you are rewarded with is a smooth sweet mustard with a hint of BBQ and grill, with a light finish of smokiness and a twist.

It is the twist that makes it interesting. Not identifiable yet familiar and fun.

Do not think this is going to be some super smoky mustard, instead it is a mustard that leans towards the campfire.

Perfect for a hot dog in a bun, it conjures up imagery of sitting by the campfire in the woods or your feet up while you sit in the porch swing watching the ducks swim by in the lake.

This is a good mustard that is different in a great way!


ingredients: mustard seed (24%), acetic acid, sugar, smoked water, salt, smoked salt, cinnamon, coriander seeds