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  • Banyuls Vinegar - L' Abbe Rous


Banyuls Wine Vinegar - L' Abbe Rous - 5 year
500 ml
- France 

In the southwest of France, in a small Mediterranean seaside town called Banyuls-sur-Mer, some of the finest wines are produced. So, it's no wonder that the grapes grown on the region's ancient vines also yield one of the world's finest vinegar: Le Vinaigre de Banyuls. Made from the naturally sweet wine of the region, the grape base for this very small production of "vin doux natural" (no sugar added) is 50% Grenache noir, 40% Grenache gris and 10% Carignane.

The wine begins its first year of aging in huge oak "foudres" (barrels) stored in cool cellars. It is then transferred to smaller 60-liter oak barrels and stored outside, where it will spend the next four years. There, exposure to the elements - the hot sun of summer and the cold winds of winter in the Pyrenees - accelerates the aging process. The progress and quality of the fledgling vinegar is constantly monitored by the enoligist. During its fifth year, the new vinegar gets a jump start from an older brother - a 20% solution of Vieux Vinaigre de Banyuls - which inoculates the Banyuls wine and turns it into full-fledged French wine vinegar. An additional 6 months of aging in cool cellars is still required before it is filtered and bottled under the Le Vinaigre de Banyuls label.

Usage Suggestions for French Wine Vinegar
To those who know its qualities - aromas of walnut, spice, vanilla, and licorice - Vinaigre de Banyuls is a rival to both balsamico and sherry vinegar. Its distinct nut-like qualities make it the perfect companion for vinaigrettes made with hazelnut or walnut oils, or high quality all-purpose Provençal oil. Try it for deglazing sautéed duck or mushrooms.

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