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French Creppe Dentelle

4.4 oz - Brittany, France

Brittany's roots are Celtic, and its people are proud and independent. The region is well known for its seafood, sea salt, butter, apples and sweets, especially its famous crêpes or galettes.

One of Brittany's signature confections is Gavottes Crêpes Dentelle, cookies made from lace-thin crêpes rolled into crispy layers. This delicious confection is believed to have originated in the late 1880s in the town of Quimper, and the Gavottes company has produced Breton cookies and other treats using top-notch ingredients since its creation in 1920.

These wonderfully flaky French crepe cookies are just the thing after dinner with a rich cup of coffee or a glass of Calvados.


Wheat flour, sugar, concentrated pastry butter, vegetable fats, lactose and milk proteins, salt, barley malt flour, raising agent,: sodium hydrogen, carbonate, soya lecithin.