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  • Anima di Sale Sardinian Sea Salt - Extra Coarse Flake


Anima di Sale Sardinian Sea Salt - Extra Coarse Flake

500 grams (1.1 pounds) - Sardinia

There’s a new salt on the table and it is BIG!
And we are loving it!

These giant crystals are gorgeous. No magnifying glass needed here. You can easily see the crystals with your naked eye.

Now don’t be fooled by their giant size or fill with fear that the crystals will be too hard for ones teeth, these babies are crunchable with your fingers, gentle on the mouth, and splendiferous to the eye!

What does all this equate to? Fun!

What fun to have just one giant crystal topping a pat of butter on a butter pat plate for a roll at your next dinner party.

What a fun surprise it would be to have some big-old salt crystals on a plate of brownies!

Or think when someone says “Please pass the salt” … and when you pass the bowl of Mediterranean Sea Salt of Sardinia Big Crystals is sure to start a conversation! Really, what fun!