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4* French Marshmallow (Guimauve) Sticks

(*Flavors: Raspberry, Violet, Citron and Orange Flower)
4 x 32 gram marshmallow - France

Classic French Marshmallows 
Guimauves - Blueberry, Raspberry, and Citron 

We have not offered these online before, though they are a staple in our store at this time of year, and they sell like hot cakes! While customers wait in line to check out we scissor off a piece to share. The response is always "What are those?!" And "Where are they?" 

Not only are they good, they are so much fun!!!! Four flavors of fun together, each 12 inches long makes 48 inches of holiday cheer! 

Only a Christmas tree is longer.

Classic marshmallows from Anraud Soubeyran.

ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, inverted sugar syrup, corn starch, gelatin, icing sugar, cassava starch, colorants of natural origin (red beetroot, grape extract, lutien) natural flavors, citric acid