Wonderful Tasting Chocolate Cookies


whites of 3 eggs

1 cup confectioners sugar

1/2 cup salted or graham crackers - crushed

1/2 cup pecans, cut up

1 tsp vanilla

6 ounces melted dark chocolate


Wonderful Tasting Chocolate Cookies

This is a legacy recipe from the files of the 50's

1. Beat the 3 egg whites with stiff peaks

2. Fold in the confectioners sugar a little at a time

3. Fold in crushed crackers

4. Fold in pecans and the vanilla

5. Fold in the melted chocolate - slightly cooled

6. Drop by teaspoon the batter onto a buttered cookie sheet.

7. Bake at 350˚F for 12 minutes

cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes and move to a cooling rack