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  • Wildwood Yuzu with Roasted Brown Rice 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Bar


Wildwood Yuzu with Roasted Brown Rice 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

85 gram bar - Portand, OR

These bars are so visually pleasing. Fun to look at and you can if you want map out what you are going to bite first.

This bar is packed with some of my favorite things (and you can see them) Candied yuzu and roasted brown rice!

It was surprising to me that I ate the first bar so quickly! The combination of the chocolate and the rice and the yuzu is perfect. Not one overpowers the other and at the same time you get a hit of each element with almost every morsel!

This bar is just right! I am putting one in my own stocking


ingredients: bittersweet chocolate (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), candied yuzu (yuzu, beet sugar, millet jelly (tapioca startch), ascobic acid), roasted brown rice


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