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  • Wild Huckleberry Spread (Oregon)


340 Grams  (12 ounces) - Oregon

Oregon Growers & Shippers Huckleberry Fruit Spread is made from wild huckleberries. More intense in flavor than wild and cultivated blueberries, huckleberries are tiny alpine berries prized for their natural sweetness and tart finish -these berries are like gold to berry lovers in the Pacific Northwest. Their huckleberries are handpicked by local foragers, and they're worth every penny! This delicious fruit spread is made with just enough sugar to bring out all of the natural flavor and just a touch of pectin to create the spreadable set - indeed, there is usually twice as much fruit in their fruit spreads as compared to the mass produced "jams". They are truly a once a season treat. Try some on your toast, fresh baked scones or in your next batch of buttermilk pancakes.

Straight from the Hood River Valley, Oregon Growers & Shippers makes farm direct jams and fruit spreads by combining fresh, in-season produce and recipes that highlight the natural flavor of each ingredient. Oregon Growers & Shippers purchase each ingredient directly from local farmers that have exceptional growing practices. Additionally, since quality control is of top priority, all of their products are made in small batches, using fresh, in-season ingredients to produce each product. With the goal to re-establish the connection between the consumer and the origin of their food, Oregon Growers & Shippers celebrates its regional food economy by promoting food from the source - they do this by establishing long-term partnerships with regional growers who practice sustainable agriculture.

Oregon Growers & Shippers mission is to produce and distribute the highest quality farm-direct products made from Pacific Northwest ingredients, while using business practices that are respectful to the environment, people, communities, and our way of life. You'll never see me make orange marmalade," says Dave Gee, cofounder of the 18-month-old Oregon Growers & Shippers. Not that this former chef has anything against citrus; rather, Gee is committed to using Pacific Northwest fruit in his excellent preserves. That means apples and Bing and Lapin cherries from the Hood River area and marionberries from the Willamette Valley. Gee buys from growers who handpick their fruit at the peak of ripeness, so he doesn't need to add a huge amount of sugar. As a result, his apple butter (with thyme), apple-fennel chutney and pear-hazelnut fruit spread taste more fruity than sweet. Gee also supports local artists; a vivid pastoral by painter Mark Nilsson appears on the preserves' labels.