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  • White Label 60 Percent Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar


White Label 60% Vegan Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

65 gram bar - Santa Cruz, CA

From the back: It's milk chocolate, but with coconut! Creamy, soft, decadent alternative of the things a milk chocolate should be ... but better!

Made with cacao beans grown in the Semuliki Forests in Uganda. Beans from this origin often have rich chocolatey notes with undertones of dark sugars, dried apricots, molasses with floral essence. Flavors that go perfectly with the coconut.

Most coconut milk bars are made with dried coconut milk powder. However, here Stephen grinds dried toasted coconut meat into the chocolate, which adds an especially rich coconut flavor. He also uses brown sugar, instead of traditional white, adding further to the uniqueness and flavor.

Ella's tasting notes: The melt is immediate.  This vegan coconut milk chocolate bar opens with intense flavor of chocolate and toasted coconut - reminiscent of a Mounds bar. This is a sophisticated take, though - made with rich single-origin dark chocolate and toasted coconut.  Notes of malt, dark sugars, molasses, with whispers of licorice.  The finish is a chocolatey coconut cream with notes of light molasses, sweet dried apricots and vanilla.

ingredients: cacao beans, brown sugar, organic cocoa butter, real coconut pieces. Vegan


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This bar is perfectly balanced and unforgettably delicious! The Ugandan bean flavors are a perfect backdrop for this masterpiece of a coconut milk chocolate bar.
by Ella