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Vinegar of Banyuls L'Abbe Rous 6 year

500 ML - Banyuls, France

A smooth, subtly sweet, light and airy vinegar from the Banyuls region in southern France, which is famous for its dessert wines. This vinegar is made from white grenache, muscat, and grey grenache grapes. Surprisingly milder and sweeter than the more widely available 5-year from the same producer.

Oldest producer in the region

The Cave de Abbe Rous was founded by a priest, François Rous. Msr Rous was appointed to Banyuls sur Mer in 1870 as one of the main posts of the Diocese. His name was chosen by the Abbott to, at the end of the 19th century, became the first wine merchant trader in Banyuls to finance the construction of a church for the village.

Located in Banyuls-sur-Mer, today the Cave of the Abbé Rous produces and sells a good range of AOC Collioure and Banyuls wines - and a few choice vinegars. They work with over 750 vine growers and their 1150 hectares of vineyards in the region, where they make selections to develop its wine vats.

to make aged Banyuls wine vinegar, the Banyuls wine undergoes acidic fermentation, after which the vinegar is then aged in oak wood barrels for, inthis case, six years. Some of that process happens in caves or cellars, but some of it happens outside and is subject, therefore, to the fluctuations in weather and ambient temperature. The result is a smoother, slightly sweeter vinegar than the 5-year.

Origin: France: Banyuls region.