Traditional Za’atar Recipe

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Traditional Za’atar Recipe

Za’atar is always comprisend of these three main ingredients: Thyme, Sumac and Toasted Sesame Seeds. But I like this recipe because it includes marjoram (which I love the sell of), and Cumin, which gives it a nice aroma And warm flavor. The salt and pepper are optional in my book, since most of the recipes that call for za’atar also call for salt and pepper.  The one exception is if you are going to use the za’atar the Lebanese way - which is to dip bread in olive oil, dip it in za’atar, and then just eat it. IN that case, you might want the salt and pepper.


1 tablespoon Essential Pantry Ground Cumin


1 tablespoon ground dried thyme


1 tablespoon Essential Pantry Sumac


1 tablespoon White Sesame Seeds - toasted in 350 degree overn for 5-6 minutes or until toasted brown, or toast in a dry skillet until lightly brown


2 teaspoons dried marjoram


1 teaspoon fine gray Noirmontier salt (optional)


1 teaspoon freshly-ground Tellicherry black pepper (optional)

Mix herbs and spices together, and store in an air-tight jar.