Tim's Basic Red Sauce

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It's the basic tomato sauce with our version of "add ons". 

Rice Bran Oil or Olive Oil
1 pound hamburger
1 sweet onion diced
5 cloves garlic roughly chopped to minced (depends on your garlic desire)
1 bell pepper red or yellow chopped 
10 mushrooms like cremini loosley chopped
1 Can San Marzano Tomatos
Red Pepper Flakes - sprinkle
Cane Sugar or Maple Syrup if you have it

Fry the hamburger in rice bran oil , cook fully, even crispy

Add onions

Cook together as onions "clear" become translucent
add garlic and contune to stir

As the garlic permeates the steam add bell peppers and the mushrooms.

Stir / toss until mushrooms change color and soften a bit

add can of tomatoes

using the can, add a third of a can of water.

turn down the heat to medium stir and bring to a bubbly boil.
reduce heat to low to simmer and cover leaving a crack for some steam to escape.

Add sugar and maple syrup.

Cook for as long as you can stirring occasionaly.