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  • Tiburtini White Wine Vinegar


Tiburtini White Wine Vinegar

16.9 oz/ 500 ml
- Lazio, Italy

This is one of the most flavorful white wine vinegars we've ever tasted here at With a cloudy appearance reminiscent of apple cider, this Italian white wine vinegar has an initial crisp bite of acidity, but it unfolds into a rich and full-bodied palate with a complex balance of fruit and hints of nuttiness, finishing long and smooth. It makes a perfect complement to the delicious Tiburtini olive oil.

About Tiburtini White Wine Vinegar

Aceto di Vino Bianco Pofi is made from organic Malvasia and Greco grapes that were grown and hand-harvested by the Pofi Brothers in the Lazio region of Italy. Generations of the Pofi family have perfected their wine-making techniques, they have developed the skill of converting wine into vinegar. Grown exclusively in the small growing area of Zagarolo in Lazio, choice Malvasia and Greco grapes give this unfiltered vinegar its complex and distinctive flavor. The unusual blend of the sweet Malvasia and the crisp Greco varieties is an invention of the Pofi family. This vinegar is so good you'll want to sip it as is.

The Malvasia and Greco grapes that go into this vinegar are also used by the Pofis for wine making. The Malvasia del Lazio lends sweet and aromatic qualities of almond and apricot, while the Greco provides a counterpoint with notes of smokiness and toasted nuts. Using an unusual method of making vinegar called "bruciarle," the brothers skim off the thick cap that forms naturally at the top of the wine vats. They then mix this skimming with vinegar from the previous year and leave it to undergo a natural conversion. Aged for over a year in chestnut barrels and never filtered. The chestnut wood is characteristic to the area, and it contributes to the vinegar's final aroma and flavor.